Deep Focus

Windows Phone Facebook Demo

The Challenge

Microsoft challenged Deep Focus to find ways to show how WP7 owners can spend less time trying to connect with their life and more time living it. We needed to show how the phone OS reduces the number of interactions and gestures needed for a user to get to the content and features they care most about.

Case Study Video

The Idea

Designed specifically to create heightened connectivity to smartphone superusers around their lifestyle and habits, we created a multi-phase campaign utilizing social media (and social culture) to help illustrate the benefits of the new device and most importantly, get the device in peoples hands – at least virtually.

During this process, we realized that it is nearly impossible to see how great an experience a phone will provide when it is brand new out of the box. In fact, many retailers don’t even enable customers to turn the phone on. We thought the single best way for people to experience the phone was to enable them to see what it would be like after a few months of use. And what better way to do it than emulating how it actually works using peoples’ Facebook data?

The Outcome

Through our seemingly simple but lovingly crafted application, users were able to connect to their Facebook profile and were immediately presented with the phone now showcasing their friends’ pictures, latest status updates and posts, and their own personal photographs. The address book populated with their contacts. The home screen with their favorite people. The email with their messages. You get the drift. A simple idea, expertly crafted allowed the previously impossible to be achieved – trying out an innovative new phone risk-free and using it as if you’ve owned it for months.

See what your life would look like with the Windows Phone 7 Facebook Demo.

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