Deep Focus

Mad Men Yourself

The Challenge

AMC challenged Deep Focus to help add 1 million weekly viewers to its audience at the start of Season 3 of Mad Men, the critically acclaimed but scantily-watched drama.

The Idea

Suits, cigarettes, booze, and brassieres — necessities in Don Draper’s world. Deep Focus recreated an app that let Mad Men fans become a part of it: “Mad Men Yourself.”

At the center of Deep Focus’s strategy was an application that allowed people to create highly customized 1960’s-era-advertising-inspired likenesses of themselves, evoking the show’s mid-century cool. These avatars were optimized for use on Facebook, Twitter and iPhones, and as people uploaded them to their social networks, the charming avatars spread with every single post, comment and tweet.

The Outcome

The program was a viral success, seeing 38 avatars being created every minute and over half a million visitors in the first two weeks. Best yet, the season premiere drew record viewership and the highest ratings ever for an original episode. Draper standards, naturally.

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