Deep Focus

Home Turf Finder

The Challenge

Find my country’s local outpost. Avoid hooligans. Scream loud. Repeat.

The Idea

Bing Maps, Deep Focus, Foursquare and Thrillist partnered to make it possible with the Bing Home Turf Finder map app – a geo-location based platform built to show soccer fans in select U.S. cities not only which bars and venues were televising the games, but where they could find a home-country-friendly venue. Never before could people find “the next best place” to watch their home team with their passionate, like-minded compatriots, and Bing got the credit for making it possible.

The Outcome

As a result, Bing’s program out-performed every other World Cup-related Foursquare program in nearly every criterion. Best of all, Bing gained a whole new audience of people who tried Bing Maps for the first time while enjoying the app.

A Foursquare badge was also introduced to reward users for following the Bing brand and visiting select venues featured on the map app. This component beat all Foursquare brand integration benchmarks, contributing to a very successful and viral campaign.

We like to say that this one scored big.