10.20.2011 Posted in News

They Like Us – They Really Like Us!

We’ve been pretty busy over here at Deep Focus. And while we’re in it for great work and happy clients, we’re happy when our peers in the industry loves on our work as much as the inhabitants of the internets do. And this autumn, we’ve been getting a lot of awards love.

We’re happy to announce that FIVE of our endeavors have been awarded with a variety of SAMMY, OMMA, IAB MIXX and W3 Awards. We couldn’t be happier. We dedicate these honors to the amazing Deep Focus team who created the products and to the outstanding clients at Microsoft, Epix and Hearst who helped us make great work for them.

The Long Khan

In which EPIX & Deep Focus set out to create the longest “Khaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnn!” yell in history and gets rewarded with the OMMA award for best Integrated Online Advertising: Entertainment: Movies.

Check out the trailer here, or add to The Long Khan here.

The Social Hackathon & The Goodness Engine Ebook

In which we worked with Bing, MSN and DonorsChoose.org to createa one-day “hackathon” to solve some of DonorsChoose.org’s marketing problems. Then we made an eBook, which won us SAMMY lead crystal (The Sammy Awards – Best Use of Social Media for Social Good) and W3 Awards Silver (W3 Awards – Silver – Reference & Ebooks).

Check out the site here and the trailer here.

Windows Phone 7 Facebook Demo

Deep Focus set out to make Microsoft’s Phone, your phone! The Windows Phone 7 Facebook Demo uses Facebook Open Graph to do just that. Because it does it so well, The Sammy Awards called it their Best Engagement Campaign.

See more details here.

Cosmopolitan Boulevard

Deep Focus and Cosmopolitan Magazine think that  iPad magazine app advertising stinks. So we set out to do something about it and created the enchanting Cosmopolitan Boulevard. For that, OMMA gave it its top honor for  Online Advertising Creativity, Mobile Marketing: in-App Advertising and it earned W3 Silver for Mobile Applications, Shopping.

You can see a demo here.

Home Turf Finder

Finally, one of our favorites from 2010 came back to win an IAB MIXX award last week. The Home Turf Finder – Bing & Deep Focus’s location-based marketing program that stomped out World Cup Hooliganism – won the Silver MIXX award for Location-Based Advertising.

You can check it out here.

Our gratitude goes out to all the jurors who loved our work as much as we loved making it. Congratulations everyone.