The Next Great Super Bowl Commercial

25 of 87 Super Bowl commercials had no URL, drive to a social network, or a hashtag.

Most of the others linked to microsites for a deeper experience.

But what about starting a relationship? Moving people into a CRM journey?

What is it about Super Bowl commercials that make brands want to scream “look at me” vs. “talk to me”? Is it the big stage (see my thoughts on that here)? Is it the big budgets? Is it the big egos?

What it is is a shame.

Sure, there were a couple of nice touches Pepsi’s Sound Off [disclosure, client, but that was not our effort], Bud Light’s rescue dog donation initiative via Facebook. But most of these spots had no aim to start a relationship with consumers. Just distract them for a moment.

The next great Super Bowl commercial won’t be a linear story. It will be the start of a relationship with consumers that will begin with a promise, and deliver value with further engagement. The “commercial” will continue for days after the big game — not views leading up to it.

In the meantime, check out what the team at Deep Focus and consumers-at-large thought about the effort put forth by this year’s crop of advertisers.

Congrats to the New York Football Giants — and the amazing team at Deep Focus for pulling off the second annual Super Bowl of Social Media!