We Can’t Help but Love the Diamond Jubilee, Either

Sometimes you can miss a bit of pop culture. This weekend — and its celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee — has not been one of those times. And of course our Engine sister agency, Jam, has found a lovable way to celebrate. They created an infographic of social activity around the Diamond Jubilee based on their proprietary reputation management and buzz monitoring platform, JamTrak. But this being a once in a millennium event, the infographic could be no regular old blog-width jpg. Inspired by the sheer deluge of royal-ish bric-a-brac the event has brought to market, this infographic took the form of hand-embroidered flag bunting. One of a kind, just like Her Majesty. And Jam.

See this historic creation in this Pinterest board and some great making-of image here. Also check out Jam’s full post about it here.

Related: my parents are celebrating their golden wedding anniversary in two weeks — congratulations Jennifer & Al! Sadly, since my parents are largely absent on the internets, JamTrak likely won’t be able to create infogrphic-level insights. And the flotilla will be much smaller, of course.