April 30, 2013

Consumer Intel Roundup

Our weekly roundup of five consumer trends to watch.

September 6, 2012

Consumer Advocacy and the Art of the Remix: What brands can learn from MTV’s VMAs

Proving that Klout is just as important as talent, MTV’s Video Music Awards embrace social media with a new category, Most-Share Worthy Video. We think there’s a lot to learn from the VMAs!

The Art & Science of Balancing “Likers” and “People Talking About This”August 9, 2012

The Art & Science of Balancing “Likers” and “People Talking About This”

New research shows that Facebook “likes” don’t equate engagement. So how do brands develop an engagement strategy that also builds acquisition?

Are Social Readers Really Collapsing?May 8, 2012

Are Social Readers Really Collapsing?

Buzzfeed ran an interesting article earlier on the demise of social readers. Apparently user numbers for Facebook apps from the Washington Post and the Guardian are falling off a cliff. CNET even went so far as to say “the only thing that’s spreading is a viral disgust with the application”. Ouch.

What Facebook’s Timeline for Pages Means for Brands & MarketersMarch 1, 2012

What Facebook’s Timeline for Pages Means for Brands & Marketers

Your brand will never look quite the same again on facebook. Our free position paper on the matter can help you sort out the changes.

An Evening of ConnectednessFebruary 14, 2012

An Evening of Connectedness

Tonight, Deep Focus Presents: An Evening of “Connectedness”  Livestreaming from Social Media Week NY. Tonight’s talk promises to be an insightful exploration of how connectedness is changing the worlds of advertising, content, journalism and maybe civilization itself. The event will livestream here on DeepFocus.net. UPDATE: The event is now over (but was awesome). Stay tuned for [...]

May 20, 2011

Brooklyn Museum is the Most Checked-Into Museum on foursquare

How do I know? I’m using the new FourScore leaderboard on the home page of DeepFocus.net. It’s right there in the right hand rail. Why should you care? Find out.

March 9, 2011

Hacking the Industry’s Brightest Minds for the Greater Good: The DonorsChoose.org Social Hackathon E-book

Deep Focus is pretty thrilled to have worked with Bing and Hotmail in a completely innovative way to help online philanthropy trailblazer DonorsChoose.org – one of our favorite things.

February 7, 2011

Watch The Social Media Week Deep Focus Panel Here.

At 3pm on Monday, 2/7, I’ll be moderating a panel called Participation, Aggregation, and Criticism in the Digital Age. My panelists will be: Jonah Peretti, Founder of BuzzFeed and Huffington Post Jay Rosen, press critic, writer, and professor of journalism at New York University Danielle Sacks, award winning senior writer, Fast Company Magazine Jamal Henderson, [...]

September 29, 2010

Deep Focus Announces the launch of FourScore Location-based Marketing Analytics

During his keynote address at the Location Based Marketing Summit in New York City, our CEO Ian Schafer announced the early beta launch of FourScore, a first-of-its-kind tool to help businesses understand check-ins and the data generated by users of location-aware apps. FourScore begins to answer some of the many, many questions about the potential [...]